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September 21st, 2006

I’m back

It was a pleasant break, but now I’m back.
Things around here are going to be different than they were before. Hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Ken Dyck as Administrivia at 4:37 PM EDT

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September 4th, 2006

Moving to WordPress; Check your subscription

I’ve been meaning to switch this blog over to WordPress for a while. Today I find myself with some time to do it.

So you may notice some disruptions if you visit the page today. They are temporary (I hope). Expect the site to be back up by the end of the day.

Now for the important stuff… if you subscribe to this blog’s feed, check your subscription address. If it is, please update it to The old feed may not work after the transition.

Otherwise, I’ll see you on the other side.

Update: The bulk of the move is complete. Still have to get permalinks working the way I’d like and install the Akismet plugin. Other than that, I think it’s ready to go. Welcome back.

Update: Done and done. Happy surfing.

Posted by Ken Dyck as Administrivia at 6:55 AM EDT

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